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Let’s talk TikTok because EVERYONE is talking about TikTok!


Is the TikTok hype worth it? Absolutely!

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I bet you are wondering how you can monetize Tiktok for your business. TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social platforms. This only makes sense of why several savvy business owners are already getting the most out of the platforms to promote their business and attract new customers to their brands.

The key to monetizing on any social media platform is always using the 3 E’s as guidance.
1. Engage
2. Educate

One of these may sound more appealing than others. I know for me I lean towards engaging my audience and educating them. My first recommendation would be to start where you are comfortable and do it without having to learn this week’s trending dance or shaking your butt. 

Step 1. Download the TikTok app

Step 2. Optimize your SEO for the profile and make sure to add a profile picture

Step 3.  Sign up for a TikTok Pro account to get access to analytics

Step 4. Don’t panic with the videos you start seeing, there are many different sides of TikTok and it will adjust to what interests you pretty quickly.

Step 5. Search people and topics that interest you

Step 6. Start enjoying your FYP (For you page)

So you’ve set up your TikTok account, watched a few videos, and gotten to know your way around…but now what?

Let your audience know a little bit about you. Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Introduce yourself- A great video is to introduce yourself and add a personal touch to your business that your audience can relate to.

  1. Share your Workspace- Do you work out of your home? Do you have a warehouse? Show your audience where the magic of your business is done. 
  2. A day in the life of __________. – Take your audience on a tour behind the scene of what your business life looks like on any given day. From the things that you loathe doing to your favorite task of the day.
  3. Share your WINS-  Can you share your biggest accomplishment? This could be from any part of your life and how it influenced everything after it. TikTok followers love success stories. 
  4. Your favorite tool- Make a list of your favorite apps or tools at work and how they make your day easier and who you would recommend them to.

The topics are endless.

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I will be watching for you all on TikTok. We got this!

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