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If you are thinking of running paid ads online, you may be considering whether Google Ads or Facebook Ads is the best option for you.


The real question is where is your business right now?
What are the current efforts you are putting into marketing?
What is actually working for you right now?
What is your goal?
What is your marketing budget?

Once you answer these questions you will better be able to decide which path is best for you. I have clients who do amazing with Facebook Ads, but she has built her Facebook Page up with great content, high engagement, and she grew an authentic following. She has super fans who know what she offers and will buy everything that she puts out.

So she is doubling if not tripling her ROI on Facebook.  But this article is not to say one is better than the other, but more for someone who is just starting out and what the differences are when you just jump in before having a following. 


Don’t Throw Money Away 

When you use Facebook ads, you have to pay a specific price based on the amount of time you want to keep the ad running and how many people it will reach.  And when we say reach that does not mean people who will engage or convert. This means the people that scroll past your ad while they are passing time.

With Google ads, you are only charged for people who click on your ads. The people who click on your ads should know exactly what you are offering. With any good marketing campaign and attractive ad copy, you will not waste your cost-per-click budget on tire kickers.

You can create more PPC Ads for less. You can test different PPC campaigns, such as search ads, display ads, and video ads since you only get charged when people actually click the ad.  Bonus: You get to add negative keywords to Google PPC ads as well to further ensure you are not throwing money away.

You can run A/B testing on Facebook too, but you will likely spend more in the learning process on social media in the long run. If you are going to test on Facebook ads, you have to be ok with losing the money you are going to spend with no return. 


Stop Guessing

Ads can be tricky enough. Take guessing out of the equation. With Facebook, it is a bit of a guessing game. It starts with Facebook’s algorithm, and even if you think you have it figured out they will change it again shortly. You need to have a strong avatar created to get as close to your target audience as possible, or you need to have a client list to create a lookalike audience.

You may have to try several ads before you even reach the right audience. For example, you have to choose the best categories that match your audience. You may have even seen this before on Facebook – Someone will receive an ad in their newsfeed and then they will comment complaining how it has nothing to do with them.

Do you really want to waste money when it doesn’t always target the right audience?

With Google Ads, your ads are only shown to people searching for your service or product. Straight-forward and no guessing.  You go into the marketing strategy with a custom audience based on consumers who are searching for your product or service and are ready to buy. They just need to know who they are going to buy from.


Large Audience on Google

Sure, people are scrolling on Facebook constantly, but they are scrolling to connect with their friends and family. They are not on Facebook to buy. While many people purchase from ads, you have to catch their attention to be convinced enough to click your ad, let alone purchase your product or service.

With Google Ads, you can rely on the search engine that has more than 40,000 search queries every second. People are going on Google to search for what they need, and they can conveniently come across your ad on the front page of Google, which will lead serious buyers to your website or landing pages and then convert.

You have to ask yourself, do you want to guess and throw money out the window while you learn? Or do you want to be on Google where people are looking specifically for your product or service? Better yet, you won’t even be charged unless they click your ad. How much better can it get?

If you make six figures or more in your business, then the next step is to consider advertising on both Facebook and Google. You’ll get reach with their huge audience on Facebook, which will ultimately lead to a larger customer base for your company.  I’m using Adwords PPC so that my ads are at the top of search results pages when people look for products like mine; this way they’re much less likely to find me if they’ve got an urgent need (or even just googling about something related). 

Would you like to see what Google Ads can do for your business? There is a free consultation available, so feel free to apply by clicking the link below.

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Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could achieve greatness with just one click of the mouse button! Now this may seem too good to be true but have no fear because I’ve found out how and want you in on my secret.

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