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63 days left til 2020! This seems so crazy. How is it possible? Whether you are ready or not it is coming but take a deep breath and grab a cup of coffee or tea because I am going to share some must Do’s for all your online spotlights.

I have seen this time and time again when doing audits for big or small companies. When I google search a company, I find that they have only some or close to none of the following.

1.  Website

2.  Facebook

3.  Google my Business

4.  Instagram

5.  Twitter

This is just a shortlist as there are other places to spotlight your business depending on the niche.

Now, I start to dig into what I can find. The next problem that I run into is maybe they started their google my business when they opened, and it has provided their contact information, website, and location. I click on Facebook to find that their contact information is different and so is their location. The website is the same though. When I go to the website it has all the outdated information and still looks like it did when they started.

I am sure you get the point. A task that I have for all of you before the New Year starts is to do a mini audit on your business.

Here are some things to do through November and December.

1.  Search your business on Google. Review your google my business and update it if needed. Post some current photos, holiday hours, and any specials you have coming up.

2.  Review all Social Platforms. Make sure they all match. Are all your handles the same? Do they all have the same Business Name? All contact information is accurate and updated? While you’re there share your business hours and upcoming promotions

3.   Review your website. Again, make sure everything is still accurate. Add pictures to a gallery, maybe feature a product or service on the front page for the season.

4.   This is a Bonus: Create an email campaign and reach out to everyone and let them know what is coming, Share big news. Offer an incentive, provide holiday deadline shipping information, ask for a review or referral.

If you take these few simple steps, you can explode your business into the New Year. Keep in mind, these are just a few simple suggestions that can positively affect your business visibility. Now is the time to make sure that everything you currently have is accurate and up to date. Once you have accomplished this, you can start to look at necessary upgrades to take your business to the next level. That is where I can come in and help you jumpstart the next chapter of your business success story.

If you find that this is overwhelming, or you are super busy preparing for the holiday season then reach out for a helping hand. Schedule a call with me so we can come up with a simple and easy to follow strategy to kick start 2020.

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