The Secret to Successful SEO For Your Business!


The Secret to Successful SEO For Your Business!

“I just can’t rank.”
“My website is underperforming, still.”
“I have so many questions about SEO and I just don’t know who to ask!”

I hear these things … a lot.

It is a sinking feeling when you find yourself scrolling the pages of Google for your website. Seeing your #1 competitor showing up higher in the results. Knowing you have put the effort in to create this massively valuable site, yet, you cannot seem to get it the traffic you know it deserves!

How can you serve people?
How can you sell your products?
How can you create the business you desire?

If the reality is … people cannot even find your site!

The sad truth is, that you won’t compete.

They’ll go with the other guys, simply because it’s often assumed that top results are the best results.

But we know this isn’t always the case! What we know for sure is that the top results are the sites that are most optimized for search engines. Plain and simple.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ever-evolving system. It is almost living and breathing! Google and other search engines are constantly making changes and adjustments and our experts at 1X1 Impression are tracking them, always.

We’ve also learned that there is an established set of standard best practices that must be in place to ensure your business is a top-tier search result!

With the power of SEO behind you, you have tremendous growth potential! You also may not even know it, but there are some things you might be doing that are restricting your growth!

But don’t fret! We can turn this marketing ship around, it’s what we do best!

So, how do we get you there…

Offered to you today for $4,997!

Our SEO Services

It can still be overwhelming, even when you realize the importance of local SEO for your business. Because of this, we designed a holistic process for local SEO optimization services that are flexible and can fit any budget or business size. Your local presence counts to us whether you're a startup or an established company.

Meta Descriptions and Titles
Cost: $497

With our Meta Descriptions and Title Tags service:

  • We analyze the pages that are missing or lack proper meta titles and descriptions.
  • We research and implement keywords (that aren’t stuffed!) with descriptors to help your content organically get to those who are most likely to be served by it.
  • We create and ensure your title tags and meta descriptions are the proper lengths for the most consistent recognition and searchability.
  • In the meta description, we write the unique selling proposition of your product/service with a call to action.
  • Then we’ll advise and educate our clients on the proper process to implement meta descriptions and title tags for future content.

Google Business Profile Optimization (Done for you)
Cost: $897

Our Google Business Profile done-for-you package takes this task completely off your plate and sets you up for continued success by:

  • Analyze your top-ranking competition, audit their categories, and create intentional recommendations.
  • Create your new profile or audit and enhance your existing profile.
  • Ensure accuracy of crucial business information that helps convert customers.
  • Provide initial recommendations for ongoing boosts to your search results

Ultimate Tracking System
Cost: $597

With The Ultimate Tracking System, we’ll equip you with the installation and setup of :

  • Google Analytics 4
  • Google Analytics Universal
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Tag Manager

Content Blueprint for 30 Days
Cost: $497

Our 30-Day Content Blueprint is an easy-to-follow framework that includes:

  • Researched titles
  • Size and wordcount recommendations
  • Best practice competitor links to model
  • Reviewed and tested keywords
  • Website URL suggestions
  • Specific timing targets

Google Data Studio Creation
Cost: $797

Google Data Studio is here to crunch that data for you and to present easily understandable and digestible reports. Pulling from Google’s own analytics, Data Studio can provide:

  • Charts, graphs, maps, and other visuals
  • Customizable date ranges
  • Links and clickable images
  • Text and image explanations
  • Branded colors, styles, and more

Competitive Analysis
Cost: $1,297

Our Competitive Analysis package offers insider knowledge of your competitors by creating:

  • A keyword utilization analysis
  • A content and topics analysis
  • Backlink effectiveness assessments
  • A featured snippets analysis
  • Anchor Text optimization analysis

30 Days to Unlock Your SEO
Cost: $97

Have you wanted to improve your SEO, but weren’t sure where to start?

It’s not your fault.

There is so much complicated advice out there. But I promise to give you the simple solutions you really need.

If you want to get your own SEO system up and running without the complicated jargon a lot of SEO experts offer, you’ve come to the right place!


SEO Lifeline
Cost: $97

What if instead of hiring an “expert” who does everything behind the scenes without telling you exactly what they’re doing, you could have active support, updated advice, and get the clarification you really need?

And all while your SEO runs smoothly, with proven methods you actually learn to understand?

Yes, with SEO Lifeline’s monthly support and coaching, you absolutely can!

SEO CRO Analysis
Cost: $497

With an investment into your CRO you’ll be spending less to attract customers because you will be converting MORE of the customers who visit! With our SEO-CRO Analysis we will:

  • Ensure customer expectations are met when clicking your call-to-action buttons
  • Examine existing user behavior to determine where engagement comes up short
  • Audit content to maximize value and drive users towards taking action
  • Apply best practices for logistics like color, placement, and size for buttons
  • Confirm reviews and other social proofs are placed to be the most impactful

30-Day SEO Consulting
Cost: $4,997

With our 30-Day SEO Consulting Service, 1X1 Impression and our elite team of SEO specialists will get you headed in the right direction. In just one month’s time, we will partner with you to:

  • Analyze your top-performing pages and unveil hidden opportunities you may be missing.
  • Address lower-performing content and offer impactful adjustments
  • Apply technical analysis to ensure Google correctly assesses your content and site
  • Inform your content decisions to increase favorable metrics
  • Educate you on SEO best practices for you to apply after the 30 days
  • Offer one-on-one SEO support as all of your questions arise

Powerful SEO Audit & Strategy
Cost: $9,997

We’ll identify the foundational issues on your website that are affecting your search traffic and limiting the potential customers who visit you each day. We can then arm you with a custom strategy to address the problem areas and challenge these shortcomings head-on.

There is a reason why business owners are consistently reaching back out to us to let us know how much their traffic has increased after working with 1×1 Impression!

This extremely valuable service has been an integral part of our comprehensive SEO package for many years and due to recent demand, we have decided for a limited time to offer this as a stand-alone service.

Due to the personalized and fully customized nature of this offering, we will only be able to partner with a limited number of clients per month. So now is the time to take action and supercharge your SEO!

Climb to the top of the search engine results. Be the #1 answer to your ideal client’s needs. Take this crucial step to understand and plan how to reach these goals, starting today!


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