SEO Strategy Services

Take Your Website SEO To A New Level With Our SEO Strategy Services

Take Your Website SEO To A New Level With Our SEO Strategy Services

SEO strategies have evolved nowadays. It’s not about changing meta titles, meta descriptions, and on-page SEO. There’s more than meets the eye.

With over 10 years of experience in SEO, our SEO strategy services have helped brands earn more organic search engine traffic and convert more leads to sales through our proven track record of organic SERP ranking, traffic, and conversion growth.

Besides our experience in strategic, technical, and content marketing SEO, we have a wide range of experience in content marketing strategies and link building.

We have worked with many B2B and B2C clients belonging to local, national and international markets and focused on maximizing SEO ROI through quality SEO strategy services.

What Does SEO Strategy Services Exactly Mean?

SEO strategy services consist of various search engine optimization strategies expected as per the client’s requirements.

You’ve worked hard to increase your search engine rankings. Perhaps you already have a team of content and copywriters in-house. Something isn’t working well, and you’re not maximizing organic search traffic and leveraging it as much as you could.

1×1 Impression closes this gap by providing the right SEO strategy to improve your search engine rankings. We also specialize in an in-depth website SEO audit service.

SEO Strategy Services: What We Offer

If you do not have any idea about SEO or are stuck in between your SEO campaign, then our wide range of SEO strategy services will come in handy to pick up your organic search campaign with a strategic approach.

Keyword Strategy:

A keyword strategy is the most crucial part of any SEO activity. It’s a foundation for your SEO goals of traffic and business.

A keyword research campaign is unique, and the search term clients are looking for isn’t always the same as what we are looking for. 1×1 Impression’s keyword strategy is purely data-driven, relevant, and intent-driven.

Our SEO strategy services will help you find those hidden gem keywords you are unaware of.

Researching keyword variants for SEO may deliver a large list of potential target keywords, but narrowing the list down to a few words that represent the highest value can be challenging. 1×1 Impression makes it easy for you as we study the nature of your business, market potential and provide your KPI keywords

On-Page SEO Strategy Service

For on-site campaigns to have maximum value and effect, a website must be SEO-friendly. At the beginning of a campaign, an on-page SEO strategy provides a checklist of items to be completed on the website. On-site SEO strategy focus is typically divided into:- Meta Tags, Headers, Content, Placement, Internal Linking, Image Alt Tags.


  • Do website pages need updating or rewriting content to support primary keywords (as indicated above)?
  • To support target keywords, do title tags need to be updated?
  • Is it necessary to write or rewrite META descriptions? (Descriptions with calls-to-action get higher click-through rates.)
  • Should target web pages be optimized for keywords with unique content?
  • Are H1 tag headlines on website pages optimized for target keywords?
  • Which pages will be linked to, how often, where, and what will the anchor text be?

Technical SEO Strategy Service

We SEO people have no choice but to constantly improve our technical SEO strategy as search engines more or less drive us in that direction. Our marketing environment seems to be evolving fast, which challenges us to develop new ways to generate traffic, improve the user experience, and enhance the overall agility of our websites. Having a technical SEO strategy is crucial to make your website a better crawl, faster index, and fast loading speed. We analyze the below-mentioned technical factors.


  • Is it necessary to set up 301 redirects?
  • Does the 404 error page need to be customized?
  • What duplicate content issues need to be addressed?
  • Are canonical pages a solution to duplicating content?
  • What is the website’s URL structure?
  • Could the proposed internal linking structure be improved, or are there problems with broken links?
  • Is the page-loading speed of the website fast enough?
  • Is the site mobile-friendly?
  • How do you ensure Google crawlers are directed to your desired pages with a robots.txt file?
  • Are you using an XML sitemap to guide Google crawlers and help them understand your content better?
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Off-Page SEO Strategy Service

The final phase of the SEO process defines the off-page strategy. Off-site strategies aim to improve the authority of the domain and pages and determine what activities and types of activities are needed in the campaign from month to month.

Most clients fail to analyze what type of links they need to get an authoritative and highly relevant link. 1×1 Impression assists you with:

  • Competitor Backlink Analysis (Analyze the competitor’s backlink platforms and the traffic they are receiving)
  • Anchor Text Strategy (Analysis of what kind and types of anchor text needs to be used in % format)
  • Current Link Analysis (Broken link, multiple redirects)
  • Citation Analysis (Checking your NAP is constant)

Local SEO Strategy Service

The practice of local SEO involves enhancing a business’s web presence to appear higher in local and localized organic search engine results. In local SEO, several techniques and creative ideas are involved in convincing search engines that a business should appear prominently in their results as a relevant answer to online searchers close by each business location. You will get:

  • Local Keyword Strategy (Based on your target area and user intent)
  • Google My Business Optimization Strategy (Listing optimization suggestions)
  • GMB Competitor Reverse Engineering
  • Content Strategy (Guidelines to write content for local keywords)

Why Choose 1x1 Impression For Professional SEO Strategy Services?

Our SEO strategies will help you plan your SEO campaign and make sure that you follow it for driving ROI from your website!

Our year’s experience have in SEO strategy making have brought fruitful results for many of our clients, and we would love to have you on our list!


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