how to dominate local seo

How to Maximize Your Local SEO to Boost Online Presence?


The online business world lets you target billions of people with a quick click. But unfortunately, if you’re not on the Google first page, your business isn’t on the radar of search engines. Maybe you are present somewhere on hidden pages, but presence doesn’t mean anything if the audience cannot search for you.

If you want to boost traffic, then mark your presence on Google’s top page. But is it possible a small fish can make a presence in between the ocean full of sharks? Trust me, it’s unbelievably tough to get the #1 rank on Google. However, it’s not as tough as you think.

What makes you stand on top is dominating the local SEO. Why So?

#1. You only need to outrank your local competitors.

#2. Boost local SEO to improve searching and ranking

Now, isn’t it looking easier than you think? Local SEO helps dominate your industry and boost your presence on search engines. But, “how to dominate local SEO” to mark a strong presence on Google”?

We will provide you with the answer here. This article will provide you with a stepwise guide that helps to dominate local SEO and crush your competitors under the foot.

Let’s get started!

Google is Spying on You

Do you know “Google has a lens with which it constantly spies on the websites? If you fail to generate the trust signals, you’re not going to stand anywhere on Google. Eventually, your business value gets down. That’s why you need to impress Google and follow Local SEO.

Before we go deep into the trick to boost local SEO, it’s worth staying here for a moment and understanding how local SEO works.

To make it clear, let’s take an example.

Suppose you search on Google “Best accountant near me .”But the question is, “Did Google know who the best accountant is?”

Google does not know the best accountant near you. However, Google is a master in figuring out who solves the audience question and sends positive signals.

So, how does Google Work? The simple answer is trust and answers. If your service answers the user’s search, Google is likely to rank business on top of the search engine. It is easy to do so when you dominate the local SEO.

Why Dominate Local SEO?

Local SEO has the power to give everything a business needs to crush down competitors and get conversions. In addition, it improves discoverability, maximizes the flow of traffic, and helps to rank on search engines.

Let’s face the fact figures now.

  • Nearly 46% of the Google searches daily made are local
  • 97% of the people search for local online stores near to them
  • Nearly 88% of the searches for local businesses are made from mobile devices
  • 61% of searches are for a local business every day on Google
  • Best services near me become the prime keywords which usually searched by the people online

The reasons are enough to explain why companies need to dominate local SEO these days. However, the question is “How to dominate the local SEO .”Let us take you deep-dive into the tips and tricks that help boost your local SEO and rank better on search engines.

How to Dominate Local SEO

How to dominate local search? If you’re thinking about this, then here is the answer. I will explain here the best strategies that give a quick boost to your rank and improve your website traffic. Let’s read below and focus on the strategies.

1.      Invest in Quality Content


Invest your quality time to write unique, readable and Google-friendly content. Everything you write is an index page for Google. This is the page that targets your services and geographical search phrase. It allows you to improve your presence on search engines and easily show you on the Google search engine result page.

If you don’t know how to write a quality blog or article with CTA, take the writer’s help. You can also add success stories of the customers and case studies about how your business helps solve their problems.

Remember that Google loves solutions, and if you’re solving your clients’ problems, Google ranks you on the search engine page. To top of this, content should be optimized and Google-friendly.


2.      Follow On-Page SEO Elements


When optimizing your website and articles, focus on the on-page SEO elements. It helps to rank your website and improve discoverability.

  • Use keywords in the website or content page URL
  • Optimize the page header with relevant keywords. For instance, if you ask how to dominate local SEO, then do ensure to mention it in the header and URL.
  • Internal linking is a must. This gives weight to your statistics and proves that the information return is true. Moreover, internal linking helps boost traffic.
  •  Optimize the website content with keywords. Always use long-tail keywords, which the audience usually uses to do searches on Google.

On-page SEO is helpful to optimize your content, website, and pages. This helps to boost your website quickly and improve your rank on search engines.


3.      Target Long-Tail Keywords Phrases


When you are optimizing your website, always target long-tail keyword phrases. This helps to target your locality and helps to improve your discoverability.

Let’s take an example:

Suppose you’re selling the best designer costumes. The keyword will be the best designer costume. But it may not be able to pull traffic. Why so? This is because you target the best designer costume across the globe and are in millions. How are you supposed to take a stand with a random keyword?

Now, let’s target with a long-tail keyword. Best designer costume in Southeastern Delhi. Best designer costume in Calgary.

Likewise, you can cover all the cities and target the same keywords. You can also capitalize the long tail keywords with different cities and locations to make your website search engine friendly.

You have to target the way people search so that the audience can easily find you on Google. This is how you can dominate local search.

If you don’t know what kind of keywords can create the traffic pull, take help from Google Keyword planner and other search engine tools.

4.      Target Complimentary Local Services


Don’t forget to target complementary local services. This also helps to boost your presence on the search engine result page. For example, suppose you’re selling the Best designer costumes. Similarly, you can talk about someone in a specific location selling the same services.

You must be thinking, why do I highlight my competitor?

Well, sometimes highlighting your competitor can give you an extra advantage. How? It helps to write relevant content that quickly targets your locality. But do not overstuff the keyword to reach the word count. Google algorithm strictly punishes you.

Keep it organic with a search intention. When you write organically about complementary services, it helps to boost your presence and give a strong traffic pull. Your customers can easily find you on Google. This helps further in inbound linking.


5.      Make Location Pages


Now, next is to make location or geo-targeted pages. This is one of the crucial steps when you’re dominating local SEO. Suppose you have a franchise at a particular location or multiple locations. Do tell your users through content that you’re active in different locations.

In addition, make location pages that target the particular geographical location. If possible, then make different pages for all locations. 

This helps to target multiple locations at one time. Moreover, you’ll be able to show your presence to the people in all locations.

This gives you a quick boost and dominates the local SEO. Besides that, add the particular address, business name, and phone number. If you have any landmark and contact information, then specify the address.

This helps users to find you easily and reach you. You can also make a separate contact page and an about us page for the address. When you tell people where you are, they will find you easily and connect with you.

6.      Make Website Mobile Friendly


Today, most of the searches made on Google are through mobile devices. But unfortunately, mobile devices and local searches go vice-e-versa. Therefore, you cannot boost local searches unless you make your website mobile-friendly.

Keep in mind; people leave your page within 2 seconds if your page doesn’t download within 2 seconds. They don’t have the patience right now. So, make sure your website is mobile-friendly and optimized correctly. This helps to make your website mobile-friendly.


7.      Write About Current News of Industries


The best way to impress Google is to stay up-to-date. So write current news and blog fodder because this helps make the big win and impress Google. Google freshness updates timely rewards, updates websites, and offers current information.

If anything relates to your industry, make the news and publish it on the website. You can also focus on the local events and other industrial-related news trending these days. This helps to improve your rank on the search engine result page.

How to Optimize Website to Dominate Local Search

How to dominate local search? If you have a question in mind, I’ve got the answer.

1. Register on Google My Business


Registering your business on Google My Business is crucial for dominating local searches. This is essential to boost the local search result. On the Google My Business page, you can add your services and other details such as:

  •  Type of business
  • Business address
  • Opening and closing hours
  • Website URL

Apart from this, optimize the Google My Business page with specific keywords. This further helps to improve your website’s rank on search engines.

2.      Get Links

Start guest blogging to earn maximum links. When you get quality backlinks, automatically your rank will boost on the search engine platform. Also, be an active participant in your industrial niche. This gives you a buzz around improving your rank and building links.

3.      Get Positive Reviews

Today online shoppers decide to purchase anything by reading the reviews. Maybe it’s difficult to ask for reviews because customers are always in a hurry, but you still have chances to get them. So whenever your customer purchases anything from you, ask for the reviews. This helps to build trust and boost your ranking also.

Wrapping Up

Local SEO has the power to boost your visibility and mark sales records. With Local SEO, you can improve your presence on the search engine result page. Congratulations, now you know the answer to How to dominate local SEO.

Now, you can follow the local SEO hacks mentioned above and boost your rank. But don’t forget to add a strong CTA at the end. This compels your audience to reach you and get your services. So save the hacks and thank us later.

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