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Get More Leads & Sales Via SEO

Having your online store accessible is crucial if you operate a B2C business. You want to be the first thing people see when searching online for the products or services they need. How can you achieve this?

B2C SEO service by 1×1 Impression will assist your website in leveraging the power of SEO. Hence, SEO will help your website rank in the Google search results and get more traffic and business.

Why is B2C SEO Essential?

The main benefit of SEO is to target individual consumers that search for your business category on Google.

You can all decide whether to sell to these consumers based on their demographic characteristics, and they all fit into your ideal customer profiles.

This is different from a B2B company that targets critical decision-makers in whole organizations, unlike B2C business where customers have quick purchasing decisions.

Using SEO, you can reach almost anyone qualified to become your customer. Your business will get money from selling products or generating leads via form fills.

How B2C SEO Helps?

A B2C business can get customers or sales in two formats, which depend on the company’s nature.

Service-Based B2C SEO

Many B2C services thrive on lead generation. B2C businesses like moving companies, plumbers, architects, agencies, and other service-based industries always look for leads. The customer visits the website, fills in the inquiry form, and gets contacted by the business representative. The deal closes with a proposal and delivery of the service.

Service-based B2C companies are many and significant since it requires a lesser initial investment and is easier to scale up accordingly. Also, service-based B2C companies are easier to set up and run compared to product-based B2C businesses. Hence you find a significant amount of SEO competitors!

1×1 Impression focuses on scaling up your website in the Google search engine rankings to get more clicks on your website. We also make sure that the conversion rate is optimal on your website. So not only do you get relevant traffic but also qualified leads with our years of experience and highly talented B2C SEO team.

Product-Based B2C SEO

If your B2C business makes product sales via an e-commerce website, it is highly recommended to have Ecommerce SEO optimization. Your website’s product and category pages need to be optimized to use SEO effectively. You should use descriptive title tags, meta descriptions, and unique content to let Google and users know what the page is about.

By optimizing each page with the help proper product details, you tell Google everything it needs to know about your products. Making the product pages easier to find, more customers are likely to discover products they are interested in and buy them. 

1×1 Impression will optimize your e-commerce or non e-commerce website with keyword research and content, including properly tracking the user activity on your website. With the help of our CRO techniques will help to improve the conversion rate on your B2C website along with analyzing the effectiveness of the SEO campaign.

B2C SEO: What We Do?

At 1×1 Impression, we focus on the overall SEO development of your B2C business website. Whether you earn money by generating leads or selling products, SEO allows you to achieve good revenue for your B2C company.

We focus on the four areas of SEO for B2C business:


Keyword Research

Keyword strategy is a first and foremost requirement for any website. Most organizations providing B2C services are in the business of providing products & services. From Netflix to McDonald’s to Apple and Nike, every company listed here is a B2C company. It enables B2C companies to identify and target precise and highly relevant keywords.

We study the nature of your business and competitor to draft a perfect keyword strategy for your B2C SEO campaign.


On-Page Optimization

Once the keyword strategy is approved, it’s now time to focus on the on-page SEO section of your website. A website’s on-page SEO allows Google to read it and rank it appropriately. In the absence of it, major search engines cannot comprehend what your business is conveying.

1×1 Impression improves your on-page SEO with proper meta title and description, heading tags, content, alt tags, and internal linking to ensure that your B2C website ranks optimally in the Google search results.


Technical SEO

Technical SEO is a very crucial part of your SEO campaign. It allows optimal website crawling by search engine robots so that it can index your page on Google. If technical SEO is not optimized, your website can face indexing issues and might not show your user’s content.

At 1×1 Impression, our technical SEO experts manage to fix all the technical issues on your website. We take care of robots.txt, sitemap, page load speed, schema, and other technical SEO factors so that your B2C website is appropriately indexed on Google.

Link Building

The importance of backlinks to Google’s search algorithm and the ranking system cannot be overstated. It is essential to create authoritative backlinks based on what your competitors are doing to rank higher in the SERPs. Not every SEO expert out there focuses on clean link-building techniques. Unethical link-building tactics should be avoided, which can cause a loss in Google rankings and a penalty.

1×1 Impression believes in ethical link-building techniques. We have our strategy to find out competitor backlinks and the type of links your B2C website requires.

For any SEO strategy to succeed, it must include on-page, off-page & technical SEO. All of them matter because they are the ranking factors.

Get Search Results & Drive More Business With B2C SEO

Our local and global optimization approach focuses on increasing traffic and clicks to the website while providing a maximum return to your B2C revenue stream, bottom line, business, and customers. By taking a fully custom SEO strategy for B2C SEO, all channels work together to get the most out of quality scores, conversion rates on landing pages, and driving the highest intent audiences.

Search engines like Google and Bing rank them according to these factors when seeking a relevant and trustworthy website. Your on-page SEO may be excellent, but if your off-page SEO is nonexistent, your site might end up on page two instead of page one.

So it makes sense for you to partner professional SEO services company that offers turn-key B2C SEO solutions. With 1×1 Impression, you don’t have to worry about this problem, because our services include both.


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